Gambling with Freedom

When you vote in an election you're not just choosing who you want to lead, or who gets to write laws. You're taking part in a system that may or may not get you the freedom or benefits that you want.

You are, in effect, actually gambling with your freedom. That's what democracy really is... a gamble. You're rolling the dice, flipping the coin, spinning the wheel, all in the hopes it will fall in your favor. I don't know about you, but I dislike gambling with anything of any real value, and my freedom is very valuable to me.
How many freedom chips did you lose at the voting booth?
Think about it. You have no idea what the outcome will be! Sure, you voted for the guy or gal that you thought was best suited to be a leader. But too bad, so sad, 51% of the people playing the same game thought that there was somebody better suited for the job. What happens when the one that was picked goes against everything you stand for? Oh well. Maybe next time. Where is the logic in this?

What other extremely important and valuable things do you gamble with like this? When buying a house or a car do you pick what you want based on specific criteria that is important to you, or do you spin a wheel and hope you get what you want?
Nah... it's cool. My candidate won.
I just don't get it. Here are your options:

1) Choose your own leaders (or lack of).
With this option you get what you ask for, nothing more. It is a voluntary agreement, between you and said leader. Anytime you decide you no longer want to follow, you back out of the agreement.

2) Pick a leader from a hat.
With this option, you may end up with someone else's leader of choice. This is involuntary, of course. If you decide you do not like the way this person leads there is no real recourse. You're stuck with them until the next lottery.

Isn't this a no-brainer?

Please, don't get me wrong. You have every right to gamble away your freedom, just like you have every right to gamble away your paycheck. My issue is that I did not give you the privilege of gambling away mine. And that's what really irks me the most. People don't just like gambling with their freedom. They like to think that, because they lost, you lost too. How would you feel if your bank account was empty tomorrow because I gambled your money away and lost. You'd be furious! How the hell did I get access to your bank account? Who do I think I am gambling away your money?! This is basically how I feel when people participate in elections to choose a leader for me. You're gambling with my freedom, and I don't like it. I don't like it one bit.
Really, please. It's not just your life you will ruin.
I would like nothing more than to live in a society that truly understands how unacceptable it is to gamble with someone else's freedom. Give me a world where each individual is responsible for their own actions, their own choices, including the leaders they choose for themselves. Only then will we truly be free.

That's the way I see it.