Welcome to Freedomville!

It finally happened! Alien visitors from another planet finally arrived on earth. And they landed in Freedomville. Below is a transcript of the alien's first conversation with the farmer whose back yard he landed in.
We come in peace!
"Welcome to Freedomville, the best place in the world!"

  "Why do you call this place Freedomville?"

"Because, unlike some places you could live, we actually have elections where we choose which group rules over our territory!"

  "I don't get it, what do you need these groups for?"

"Well, you see, the green group likes to determine how much they steal from people by tracking how much money they earn, then they like to tell you how you are allowed to spend what money they let you keep. Also, when they get into fights with groups in other places that are really far away, they like to use tanks that sometimes run over old ladies in the streets! Stupid greens."

  "That's terrible! Why would anyone vote for them?"

"That's what I keep saying! Smart folks like me always vote for the purple group. You see the purple group likes to determine how much they steal from people by tracking how much they spend, and they like to tell you how you're allowed to earn your money. Also when they start fights with people that are really far away they like to attack them with planes that drop bombs on their cities."

  "Hmm... That doesn't sound much better. Why not vote for a group that doesn't steal from anyone, doesn't tell people how to spend or earn money, and doesn't start fights with people that live really far away?"

"Hahahahaha! We don't have any groups like that. That would be ridiculous. Besides, if we did that, who would build the roads in Freedomville?"

  "Well, the road builders would."

"That's dumbest thing I ever heard! You obviously don't love freedom. You must be one of those stupid greens."

And with that, the aliens got back into their ship, and flew away, back into space.

Although this conversation may not have ever happened, it certainly could.

That's the way I see it.