Dems and Reps Rule the Political Arena

Democrats and Republicans rule the political arena in America. No secret, right? Democrats and Republicans are murderers and thieves (I'd love to hear from you if you disagree with that fact), and it's your fault that they're still at the top of the political food chain.

It's clear that those who vote Democrat or Republican in the elections are major contributors to the seemingly neverending rule of these two parties. But I would like you to consider that there is another problem, and if you do not vote for the two major parties then YOU are that problem, just as I am.

I'm talking now to anyone who likes to call themselves libertarian, voluntaryist, anarchist, minarchist, sovereign, constitutionalist, tea party, etc... because it is people who belong to these political philosophies that have refused to band together and out the bad guys. We have quarreled over petty differences for long enough while the "demons run amok".
Mr. Hicks warned us about those demons.

"We need to follow the constitution!"
"We only need federal government for armies!"
"We only need government to fund schools!"
"We need to rid ourselves of government!"
"We need to reduce the size of government!"
"We need a voluntary government!"
"We need to write in Ron Paul!"
"We need to vote Gary Johnson!"
"We need to not vote!"
"We need to vote for Romney/Obama because he's better than Obama/Romney!"

I'm sick of hearing it. What we need to do is come together, and realize that our differences, as much as they do mean to us, mean nothing when our country is under the political control of the Democrats and Republicans. These two parties do not care about us. They don't care about you. They don't care about me. They don't care about our philosophical differences, because it is thanks to our inability to settle those differences that we have absolutely no impact on them or their policies.
Sure, the people who vote for Democrats and Republicans are to blame, but not as much as we are. We are the ones who see through the bullshit. We are the ones who once were blind but now see. We are the ones who are awake. We are the ones who haven't figured out how to work together and stop this from happening time and time again.

We are the ones who can't keep supporting this system. We just can't. Ron Paul insists that the system in its current state is going to bankrupt our country, I disagree. It's not going to bankrupt us... It's going to kill us. You and I, and everyone we care about. It's going to kill people you've never met, people in other countries (does that somehow make it ok?). More people than you can imagine. Gone. Dead.

That's the way I see it.