Did You Vote?

Yesterday was the day!

"Everyone get out there and vote!" was being pushed at us from every direction. Celebrities, Facebook, Google and more were pushing us to get out there and cast our ballot. Often this slogan or line was pushed with a picture of one or both candidates in the background.
The thing is...

Pick one of these two!

About half of the voters were telling you that a vote for Trump was a bad idea, because he will ruin the country. At the same time, about half of the voters were telling you that a vote for Clinton was bad idea, because she will ruin the country.

For once, I agree with all voters. Not half of them, all of them. I believe that both halves of the voters were right. No matter which of those guys you voted for, you voted for the wrong guy.

"But my guy is the lesser of two evils!"

I'm sorry... Did you just admit to voting for ... evil? Wow.

The worst part of this, of course, is that you voted knowing that if you won, you were actually forcing more than half of the country (if you count the voters who voted for the other guy, and those who didn't vote at all) to live with a president that they didn't want. They screamed "That person will ruin us!" and you laughed in their faces like it was a sports game and your team scored a touchdown or a grand slam. I don't care if your guy won or your guy lost. That doesn't matter. In these elections we all lose. You should be ashamed.

Unless of course, like me, you chose not to vote.

I don't believe I have the right to force my will upon others, through "election" or any other way.

You see "I'll lower taxes!" - I see "I will steal less!"
They're still stealing.

You see "I'll create jobs!" - I see "I'll get government even more involved in the market, destroying small businesses and forcing business owners to find jobs working for large corporations!"
They're destroying small businesses.

You see "I will end the war soon!" - I see "I will only kill those people until I find other people to kill!"
Still murder.

You see "I will make a law that says you can marry anybody you like!" - I see "You can't marry anybody unless I say it is ok first!"
Still government getting involved in the most personal aspect of our lives.

I have no right to steal, so I don't vote for someone who will steal. I have no right to kill, so I do not vote for someone who will kill. I have no right to tell you who you can or cannot marry, so I will not vote for someone who thinks you have to ask for permission. I have no right to get involved in how small business owners run their business, so I won't vote for someone who will "regulate" them into oblivion.

I can't help it if you choose to use elections as a way to passively force your will on others through "government". I'll have no part in it.

That's the way I see it.