Why Everyone Should Want Anarchy

What is your political position? How many people do you know who share your views, exactly?

Although you may find small groups of people who share you political ideology exactly, you are much more likely to meet people in your day to day life who differ from you in some way. This is true even if you meet people who hold very similar beliefs. Libertarians, Republicans, Democrats, Anarchists... we have all experienced it.

Imagine six people get stranded on an island and want to form a government.

Joe is a libertarian.
Gary is a communist.
Stacie is a conservative.
Jay is a liberal.
Louis is a monarchist.
Felicia is a constitutionalist.

First thing we need to do is figure out who is going to build the roads!
It is impossible to create a government that would make all of the above people happy. It just can't be done.

Now imagine that each person listed above is representing a large group of people. Instead of six people on the island it's actually six thousand.

Democracy is not the answer here. With a democracy (or democratic republic), even the group that "wins" (the largest group) still loses, since they will never truly have the government they want. They will be forced to compromise with the other groups. And even if they did get the government they wanted, at the expense of all of the other groups, there will always be disagreements within that group. Small subsections of the group who agree on certain points that the group settles on, but disagree on many others. This is evident in the amount of bickering that can occur when you put a group of people together who all consider themselves part of the same political "party".

Now imagine that, instead of putting it to a vote, something else happens.

Not every argument can be won. Let's agree to disagree.
The libertarians created their own libertarian government just for them, then the communists created one just for them, then the conservatives created one just for them, and so on. If at any time, you decide you don't agree with any of the rules, regulations, ideas, etc... of a group that you have joined you can feel free to step away. Join with another group, or no group at all, or start your own group. You have the freedom to do so. Nobody is forcing you to be part of their group. It's anarchy!

What matters in that last scenario is that everyone on the island gets to be happy with the government (or lack of government) that they have. Nobody is forced to live under the rule of a government that they disagree with. Everybody is as free (or unfree) as they want to be.

You want to live in a commune? Go for it. Pure democracy your thing? There's a group over there that likes that.  You consider yourself libertarian, but you want to be part of that one libertarian group that gets free toilet paper. That works, too. You don't want to be part of a group? Sure thing. Do as you like, but know that if you use force, fraud, or coercion to violate another persons rights then there will be consequences, since most people do have groups that back them up, and the ones that don't, probably have the resources to hire a group that will.

I heard there is a group that does cage matches with this guy when you
get caught watering your lawn on Tuesday before 3 p.m.
Nobody wants to join that group for some reason...
Only with anarchy can everyone live with the government of their choice without having to use force, fraud, or coercion on others to get it. Imagine that. Voluntarily choosing the government that is right for you, while simultaneously allowing others to do the same.

Would some people get hurt? Absolutely. In this scenario there is room for mistakes. I think living in a communist or socialist society is a terrible idea, and that anybody who lives that way is making a huge mistake. But that's ok. I'd rather we be free to make mistakes than not. I just wish others felt the same way.

That's the way I see it.